We are a specialists in health and behaviour change content

We have been at the forefront of behavioural change communications for more than 15 years.

With a background in expert health editorial, we’ve learned that creative content enriched with behavioural insights is a winning formula.

It all began way back when the internet first came along. It was full of information of a very variable quality. We looked at this new-fangled thing on our slow and noisy dial up (remember that screech?) and realised that it could be a very good or very bad thing for both consumers and for health journalists like us.

Consumers could find health information easily. But since anyone could create a website and upload content there was no quality threshold.  And some weird and wonderful websites were indeed launched.

We wanted to make sure that good quality health content was available online. And as we were medical and health journalists used to providing an evidence base for our words and consulting experts before we published, that is what we set out to do.

So we set up our health editorial agency offering to create good quality, evidence based content on a range of topics including adolescent issues, diabetes, drug addition, elder care, nutrition, obesity, preparing for surgery, travel health, childhood illnesses and weight loss.

Our first major client was BabyCentre, closely followed by the BBC, Bounty and Bupa. We could not seem to get beyond those Bs!

We still work closely with BabyCentre. As well as running their UK site, we have launched sites around the world: we currently manage 11 sites in 9 languages.

We also develop content for mobile phone health programmes and for Facebook’s free basics websites.

Content Consultants now has a team of 40 people including researchers, editors, writers, designers, video producers, production editors and project managers. We also work with 50 or so medical experts who review content and act as advisors.

We have recruited and trained edit teams in several countries including France, Germany, India, China, Malaysia and Brazil.

We have handled the localisation and translation of content into a wide range of languages…27 at the last count.

We can create health based informational videos, podcasts and infographics.



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