Is: Director. She is a pioneer in the use of behaviour change messaging to dramatically improve health outcomes.
Can: see over the horizon, capturing new opportunities to reach and engage audiences. Read more on Daphne’s work.
Has: transformed lives with her work for health ministries worldwide.

Is: Operations Manager. She is passionate about the power of digital media to engage audiences in their health.
Can: apply creativity and strategic thinking to a project to ensure that it generates the very best outcomes.
Has: lead cross-functional digital teams in 18 countries around the world.

Is: Head of Behaviour change. Gayatri’s knowledge and experience feed into all our digital health programmes.
Can: devise thoughtful and effective strategies applying behaviour change theory to produce measurable results.
Has: a Master’s degree in public health and broad global experience.

Is: Head of Mobile Messaging. Clare specialises in health and wellness programmes delivered via messaging apps.
Can: think imaginatively to craft content that is relevant and engaging (and less than 320 characters!)
Has: wide experience of creating compelling content for digital, web and TV.

Is: Managing Editor. Sarah oversees content creation and distribution across all media channels.
Can: put together the perfect team to take our clients’ projects, goals and campaigns from germ of an idea to brilliant reality.
Has: extensive knowledge of social media and the art of content distribution.

Is: Project Manager. With 12 years of digital experience, Catherine has a phenomenal ability to get things done.
Can: drive a project from conception to launch; delivering on time and in budget without breaking a sweat.
Has: launched websites, apps, online forums and chatbots globally…next!

Is: Head of Editorial. Joanne leads our team of expert health and behaviour change researchers and editors.
Can: turn the most complex of concepts into impactful words that everyone can understand and put to good use.
Has: edited websites for ITV, Channel 5, BBC, Johnson & Johnson and AOL.

Is: Head of Production. She is tireless in her quest for the best UX, SEO and effective approaches to content delivery.
Can: put her team of creative producers to work in any medium: web, messaging, video, infographics and print.
Has: produced content across multiple formats in over 30 languages.

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