Johnson & Johnson: BabyCenter International

Johnson & Johnson: BabyCenter International

Global editorial excellence

BabyCenter is the world’s number one pregnancy and parenting digital destination.

Our work for BabyCenter began back in 2000 when we launched the UK site. Since then we have launched sites in 17 countries and multiple languages, recruiting local editorial teams and medical advisory boards to ensure the content perfectly meets the needs of local mums and mums-to-be.

The BabyCenter global footprint has expanded and contracted over the years but we continue to train and manage teams working around the world to make sure that the BabyCenter standards are maintained.

We manage BabyCenter International’s social channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We reach out to parents who want to engage with BabyCenter on the platforms that are an essential part of their daily life.


Today our content is helping BabyCenter to reach more than 50 million monthly unique visitors generating somewhere in the region of 600 million page views.