Facebook Free Basics

Facebook Free Basics
  • Project date: 01st October 2014
  • Client: Facebook Free Basics

Maternal and child health in developing countries

Two thirds of the people in the world are not able to access the internet. Facebook launched an initiative called internet.org to connect these people, who cannot afford a data package, for free.

Our client, BabyCenter, is the global maternal health partner with Free Basics. They asked Content Consultants to create and manage content for Free Basics.

We have written 120 pregnancy and baby articles suitable for people with low literacy levels. We have developed the content for 40 countries and managed the translation into 27 languages. In each country we found maternal health experts to work with us to ensure that the content is accurate and up to date.

Zika outbreak 2016

The Zika outbreak in Brazil meant that great numbers of pregnant women in Brazil and the rest of Latin America needed good information quickly.

Content Consultants created new articles about the virus and how to prevent mosquito bites, and uploaded it to Facebook’s Free Basics site in the first few days after the rise in microcephaly had been identified.

We also wrote mobile phone messages on prevention of mosquito bites for UNICEF to deliver in affected countries.


The content now reaches 5.5 million people. Our Director, Daphne Metland, was invited to speak at a conference on Free Basics alongside Mark Zuckerberg.