mMitra - India

mMitra - India

Tailored, innovative content

In partnership with BabyCenter, Content Consultants has created a series of audio health messages, delivered via a free mobile voice call service in India (mMitra).

Audio messages are delivered direct to a mobile phone, twice a week during pregnancy and the first year of baby’s life. The tailored content is created using insight from women who live and work in some of India’s poorest slums. Local experts help identify culturally appropriate behaviour change triggers.

mMitra began in Dharavi, one of the biggest slums in the world, with a population of up to one million people. Following initial success, the programme has now been extended to other slums and cities in India.

Full results of the programme will be published later this year.

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  • Increased demand at clinics
  • Earlier registration during pregnancy
  • Increase in family communication

More than 40,000 women have been enrolled in the programme since launch, with 10,000 more added every month.