• Project date: 01st July 2017
  • Client: UniHealth

Mobile messaging for university student wellbeing

Unihealth is the UK’s first mobile messaging programme for student wellbeing. We develop and deliver evidence-based, engaging messages that support students as they transition to university life.

Using our innovative digital platform, Unihealth sends messages directly to students’ mobiles and tablets – the devices of choice for the digital generation. Weekly messages provide a constantly present support system.

Message topics are timed to walk the student through their first year at university, offering relevant support at key pinch points such as induction, exam periods and week-five blues. Our messages use proven behavioural-change methods to encourage positive health behaviours. They’re also reviewed by experts from the university and health fields, to ensure our content is trusted, reliable and highly relevant for the student community.

Our aim is to create and deliver innovative, engaging, effective messaging programmes to empower students to make the best decisions for their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

View our dedicated Unihealth website here.


  • 84% of student respondents said Unihealth helped them to look after their physical, emotional or mental wellbeing
  • 81% of respondents said Unihealth helped them feel more supported at university
  • 77% of respondents said Unihealth helped them feel confident about living independently
  • 78% of respondents said Unihealth helped them stay on their course

In their words

“Unihealth helped me understand that I’m not alone and I don’t have to go through my struggles all by myself” – A first year student

“I am a major stress head and worry about the slightest of things! Unihealth has helped me learn to manage my stress levels” – A first year student